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Sonderforschungsbereich, CRC 1278 “PolyTarget”

In Jena, functional and innovative pharmaceutical polymers for novel drug formulations for the treatment of infectious diseases by targeted modulation of the immune response are being developed. Our group is also part of the great consortium. The developed platform technology will help in preparing for future infections and pandemics as well as overcoming allergic side effects of existing and future drugs and vaccines.

Imagefilm of the Collaborative Research Centre 1278 PolyTarget.

JAN 2021


at NanoVision2020

The Science Industry Symposium NanoVision2020, which was postponed to November due to the SARS-Cov2 pandemic, was realized in a digital form. The motto "Sense of Materials" presented results around the topics "Smart Nanomedicine, Biochips - Biosensors - Bioelectronics and Functional Surfaces". Dr. Anja Träger was presenting a lecture on "Crossing Barriers With Polymers Or How To Get Information Into Cells - Challenges And Pitfalls“.
Nov 2020


“100 Jahre Polymere”

Due to the "100th birthday" of polymers, the scientific podcast "Forschungsquartett" at the podcast and online radio interviewed, among others, Dr. Anja Träger about her research on polymer nanotransporters for gene therapy.
OKT 2020

Young Scientist Awards

of the GdCh Macromolecular Chemistry Division.

In addition to the Reimund Stadler Award, the jury decided to award two additional Young Scientist Prizes to Dr. Stefan Naumann (University of Stuttgart) and Dr. Anja Träger (Friedrich Schiller University Jena). But the event was not only a success in view of the prize, but also because the networking character of the event was excellent and young people were offered an ideal platform to present their work in front of other young scientists and an experienced auditorium.
SEPT 2019